About Us

We are a leading company in the provision of printing and packaging solutions in Zimbabwe and beyond. We specialize in well renowned brands namely Fujifilm, Screen, Flint, Scodix, HP indigo and Epson in the provision of the following; Equipment, Printing plates, Chemistry, Consumables and tapes.

About Us

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About Us

Smacper Printing and Packaging Solutions is a Zimbabwean company linked to the industry's international community through business dealings with corporates and SME's alike. The company is the vital link between the industry's cluster and modern digital technology. We are the pace-setters and we foster the printing and packaging industry by ushering in the latest technology, time after time.

Our Mission

To make Zimbabwe one of the leading nations in the exporting
of origination, printing and packaging and IT solutions across
Africa . We provide undisputable customer service through
supplying top of the range products that surpass expectations
and stimulate continuous and positive development.

One Team, Many Talents

We believe that the customer’s needs come first and it is through the customer that the company can meet its

We believe in the synergy of skills, knowledge and ideas to
achieve the best intended results.

We have an Open Door Policy. There is nothing like
bureaucracy with us.


We provide quality service and conduct our business in a skilled manner of expertise. We boast of more than 100years of (grouped) experience, as a company.
We Believe In

Business Excellence

Our belief is in working hard and being committed in everything
that we undertake in order to achieve business excellence to
the satisfaction of our customers.



25+ Years Experience

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Openess
  • Team Work


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